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What Will Your Next Move Be?


I think that we would all have to agree that these are challenging times. It can be difficult to decide on what the next move should be. I believe it comes down to whether you think the economy will recover or continue its downward trend.

In my opinion, the only way to turn things around is a collective positive attitude. If we all start making  decisions believing that a change for the better is ahead of us, then change will happen. But if we all sit here and wait for the next guy to make a move, we are headed nowhere.   


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Is This The Right Time To Buy ?

The signs are encouraging to me. Although there are still foreclosure properties entering the market we are starting to see multiple offers and in some cases the prices are actually bidded up. Some properties are on the market only days and not the months or even years we saw in the past.

Some sellers made the decision not to follow everyone else over the cliff and held fast to the price they wanted for their property, and are getting it. 

A good percentage of my business is investment buyers who have waited for the dust to settle, but are now becoming more active. Some are realizing profits right now while others are preparing for a more definite turn around they feel is just around the corner. You can make things happen or you can watch them happen 

Proceed With Caution

Even with prices at a fraction of what they where, a thorough understanding of the local market is necessary to make sound decisions. I encourage you to look through the information that I have provide here and feel free to contact me with any question that you might have. Please understand that I will respect your privacy and that you will be in control of our contact at all times. The last thing I want to do is bury someone with mounds of useless information or make them afraid of opening the door to future harassment when all they want is a simple answer. I have built a successful brokerage on developing relationships, not intimidation.